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About us

The English Studio delivers the highest quality English language learning, editing, and translation services at the most competitive prices.

We have helped countless students, clients and companies across Switzerland and the world to learn English. Over 80% come to us through personal recommendation. What began as a passion for communication has transformed itself into a commitment to giving others the ability to exchange information across cultures and languages. We are a well rounded English language facilitation agency and offer a wide array of services, specifically catered to your needs. 

So whether you want to learn English for higher education, a successful career or better social skills, or are in need of editing and translation services, we can help you. 


Get to know us and see for yourself!  

Torrie Lee

Founder & English Director

As the Founder of The English Studio, Torrie is your go-to for all things English. Torrie is known for her upbeat style, and has the ability to inspire others with her positive and engaging communication style, always looking to help build the best experience for her team and students. Best of all, she loves what she does: bringing the skill of communication to others through the English language.

Kaylee Boraso

Head Translator & Copywriter

Growing up in a bilingual household, German and English are second nature. What started as a hobby during her undergraduate degree, Kaylee went on to freelance as a translator and copywriter, and delved into teaching across levels for some time. On request, Kaylee provides content marketing focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audiences. Her specialty!

Anabela Meinhardt

Associate Translator

Anabela lives by the motto,

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
It is with this same philosophy Anabela tackles her work, having developed from a native English speaker to a Spanish and Portuguese teacher. She knows what it takes to learn another language.


"Despite my studies in both the US and England -

my English knowledge wasn't the best.

Thanks to the excellent teacher and the familiar class 

I was able to fill many of the gaps. It was never boring,

quite the contrary, I had a lot of fun! Every lesson

was motivating and her humour was contagious.

Thank you Torrie!"

Dr. Chr. A. Castelberg, 
PhD, MSc, Optom. F.A.A.O.

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