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It is important to make English accessible. We take pride in providing the best services in a friendly atmosphere. The English we teach/provide is relevant, useful, engaging and fun to learn. Our translation services follow your company style and are directly applicable. 

With students and clients ranging from Swiss to Russian and more, we continue to assist individuals and companies over the last 25 years. We look forward to helping you. Explore our range of choices and services or contact us directly for more information - we are always ready to help and pride ourselves in offering customisable courses and services to fit. 

Intensive English

Fast-track to communicating with more confidence! Internet learning is a way to improve your skills in a customized, less time-consuming manner. We use Zoom, a user friendly platform.  The invite comes and- Bingo!- you are with us.

Fun, interactive teaching to enable learning English – perfect if you have limited time, problems with the language or just want to improve your English more quickly. The lessons are customised with your personal progress in mind. We make sure you learn at the right level for you.

English for Special Purposes

One-on-one = timely progress. Socializing, teaching EFL, telephoning, sales, banking, presentations, emails, meetings, marketing, hospitality, commerce, nursing, accounting and more. Troubleshoot, freshen, and keep up your English needs in a trusted atmosphere.We can also meet you on-site or power lunches.  

Copy & Translation Services

We provide authentic translations, transcription, and copywriting language services — both for big and small companies alike. We can work with you to create a custom solution to fit your needs.

General English

English is a must in today's world. We offer every level -from beginner to advanced – we find the best level and needs. We work one-to-one or in tailored small groups for maximal progress. 

Exam Preparation

Studying for an English exam? Our special English Exam Preparation courses will give you the skills and the practice that you need to succeed. We offer preparation for most exams, ie Cambridge and TOEIC qualifications. We will do our best to help you excel.

Conversation Groups

Practice your English in a low-key setting. Choose proper lessons or practice language fluency with the guidance of a qualified teacher. Troubleshoot, freshen, and keep up your specific English language needs in a trusted atmosphere. Power lunch or in-office?  We can be there also via Zoom remote learning. Easy and guided.

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